Hi there and welcome to Kaymax SA Mining Group

To strike a single nugget of gold, you have to move heaps of sand. At Kaymax SA Mining Group we’ve moved mountains to give you the kind of service that enables you to mine at your ultimate best.

Not only do we have vendor managed inventory (VMI) supported by and affiliated to major OEMS, we also provide a host of services and support that aim to alleviate all your mining frustrations, guaranteeing your success in just about any mining venture. Specialising in ‘After Sales’, we offer unparalleled support and solutions to our clients.

Competitively priced with flexible costing plans, our company is the SMART option because we are the valuable yet agile link between our clients and OEM.

Our friendly team, handpicked for their expertise in the field of mining, combine a thorough, hands on approach together with outstanding professional skills and acumen. I can safely say that you will not regret or forget teaming up with us.

Close to my heart lies social responsibility programmes, which Kaymax SA Mining Group takes very seriously pledging a portion of our profits to social upliftment. My vision is to leave a positive footprint on every local community we operate in, and my passion is local development.

We have also put in place an Employee Trust Fund, because we believe that in taking care of our staff, our most valued asset, they take care of you, the customer. My passion is skills retention and sustainability and I am proud to say that our Employee Trust Fund goes a long way to creating an environment that people want to work in and be proud of. I believe that sustainability is crucial to long term success.

My focus is on enhancing safety for our employees and with this in mind, Kaymax SA Mining Group is on a journey to achieve a Zero Harm vision. Together with strict EHS rules our anti-bribery and corruption policies follow the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Thus providing a strong platform from which to launch our business and also adding further to sustainability.

Before I sign off, I would like to extremely appreciate your concerns,patronages and supports to us, we promise to remain trustworthy,reliable and keen towards rendering the best in our goods and services.

Kind regards,